Private Dentistry 

We offer a range of private treatments here at Broadlands dental surgery, all at competitive prices


New patient exam                               £30

Routine exam                                       £25

Exam scale & polish                            £40

Scale & Polish                                       £30 for 20mins and £45 for half an hour 

Small X-ray                                            £5

Amalgam filling                                    From £20

Composite filling (white)                     From £35

Extraction                                              From £40

Root canal filling                                   From £100

Bonded crown                                      From £450

Metal free crown                                  From £500

Veneer                                                    From £400

Bridge                                                     From £350

Full dentures                                          £600

Partial dentures                                     Price on application

Gumshields                                            From £50

Tooth whitening                                     £250

Sleep Apnoea                                         £450

Simplyhealth (Denplan)

We offer private treatment under a leading dental health plan. It covers you for most of your restorative care such as fillings or crowns as well as the option for worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover. It will cover you for any stays in hospital under  the care of a dentist or maxillofacial surgeon and also for mouth cancer.

The amount you pay for Denplan care is set by your dentist and based on your oral health needs, starting from £13 a month. There will be an initial one-off registration charge of £15 on joining. Discount is available if more than one member of a family is registered.