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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. Tooth whitening will only lighten natural tooth enamel, so the shade of any white fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges or dentures will not be affected. To change the shade of any of these it is advised to discuss with your dentist on consultation. It is only safe to have tooth whitening performed by your dentist.

Tooth whitening will need to be repeated from time to time in order to maintain desired results. 

Here at Broadlands Dental Surgery we use Boutique whitening gel. 


The course of treatment for tooth whitening would include up to 3 appointments:

  • At  the first appointment your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to get personal trays made by the dental laboratory. These trays are usually back within 2 weeks.

  • The second appointment would involve a shade being taken of your teeth and your dentist discussing the procedure for you to do at home. You will be given 2 tubes of Hydrogen peroxide bleach, your whitening trays and a tube of sensitive toothpaste. We usually advise a period of 2 weeks for the whitening reach the desired shade.

  • A review appointment is usually booked once the treatment at home is complete to discuss the results.

It is advised you use sensitive toothpaste while whitening as sensitivity can be experienced.

We recommend you avoid smoking and tobacco use, drinking dark coloured liquid such as tea, coffee, coke and red wine while whitening teeth as these foods/drinks can stain teeth. 

Risks of tooth whitening:

Tooth whitening is unlikely to cause serious side effects, although some people experience some sensitivity for the period they are whitening or a few days after.

You may get mild gum irritation if you get any spillage of the bleach out of the trays.

It is not advised for women to have their teeth whitened while pregnant as it is a cosmetic procedure and can wait until after the baby is born

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