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Sleep Apnoea 

What is Sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a more severe collapsing of the airway in which it is obstructed for multiple periods of time during sleep. Often in the form of a  total pause or a significant swallowing of breath, oxygen levels dip and can levels dip and can result in a multitude of symptoms: extreme tiredness, snoring, abnormal movements whilst sleeping, headaches, and psychological issues to name a few. It is important that this condition has been diagnosed by your GP before seeking solutions.


Proven solutions

Mandibular advancement devices are commonly used for snoring and mild/moderate sleep apnoea, and work by gently holding the lower jaw and tongue forward to keep the airway open. There is no guarantee that an appliance will be effective in every patient however 98% of patients find our appliances acceptable to wear, and 80% of patients do find the devices successful.

Our mandibular advancement devices are priced at £450. Two appointment will be required for us to construct the customised appliance. The first appointment will involve a consultation and impressions of your teeth. The appliance will be fitted two weeks later.

What is snoring?

Sleep related breathing disorders demonstrate, to varying degrees, the collapsibility of the airway. With simple palatal snoring, there is no full obstruction of the airway - the noise is simply the vibrations of soft tissue. Whilst this often has little impact on the snorer, some do wake feeling unrefreshed, suffer headaches and a tenderness in the upper airway. More often, it is those within close proximity that are profoundly affected.

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