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Looking after your NHS Registration 

It is important to look after your NHS and Private registration. Your enrolment on an NHS patient list with our practice is valuable.  Please follow the advise below to stay on our books.

In short:-

- Don't miss an appointment or be late for appointments.

- Don't allow more than three years from todays date to lapse between appointments.

If you need to cancel or rearrange appointments please contact us 24 HOURS prior to your appointment. Failing to do this will result in the appointment being recorded as FAILED TO ATTEND or a SHORT NOTICE CANCELLATION. Three of these in a 3 year period will result in being DE-REGISTERED.

Whilst most patients respect the time they are allocated, patients arriving late, or not at all prevent other patients from accessing care. 


If you have an appointment, please make sure you don't forget it and make sure you arrive in good time. Dentists and Hygienists work to a tight time schedule. We have to be strict about both missed appointments and late arrivals in order to provide the best care for all our patients. 

We value all out patients, and we don't want to have to have to de-register anyone off our books, however it is the procedure we must follow.

Here at Broadlands as a courtesy we send out email reminders for when your routine check- ups are due and for any upcoming appointments. Please make sure your details, especially email address and contact numbers are up to date on our system to ensure you receive these updates from us. 

If you are de-registered from our practice finding a new NHS practice may be very difficult, so please ensure to attend appointments made on time, cancel them 24 hours prior and attend for regular check-ups as recommended by your dentist.

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