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A bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth by adjoining an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth or a dental implant. A bridge will span the area where teeth are missing and gets attached to natural healthy teeth.

There are three different types of bridge:

-Maryland bridge/resin-bonded bridge – made of a metal framework that contains the false tooth which is then bonded to your existing tooth.

-Cantilever bridge – this is anchored by crowns on only one side of the space caused by the missing teeth and fills the missing gap.

-Traditional bridge – this is made by placing crowns on the teeth either side of the missing tooth. The crowned teeth are then anchored on either side of the missing tooth.

The procedure for a bridge is done over two appointments. The first appointment is to shape the tooth ready to hold the bridge in place and the second is to then fit the bridge. Depending on which bridge your dentist thinks best suits your needs would depend on the length of the appointment.

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